Bytown Capital

Founded in 2019

Bytown Capital

Our Vision

At Bytown Capital, we strive every day to identify macro-economic trends that will have the largest impact on the global economy. We pride ourselves in being able to navigate markets on a daily basis while keeping in mind these longer-term fundamental movers.

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Miles Ruttan

Co-Founder & Chief Economic Strategist

Miles' focus at the firm is to oversee our macro analysis, with the emphasis being placed on global credit and liquidity flows. He describes his daily role as "identifying & anticipating the impacts of largely overlooked economic-related policies and institutional actions." Miles enjoys taking deep dives into the policies and inner workings of our global financial system in order to find out where distinct advantages are to be gained. 

Miles has experience in both the lending industry and the political analytics field. His investigative approach to financial analysis grew as he realized how disconnected markets have become from the typical theories taught in textbooks. His instinctive desire to question the conventional often leads to a more complete understanding of economic trends, backed by arithmetic and not popular belief.  

"To compete at the top of any field, one must be willing to explore far beyond the conviction of the masses and find the truth. In financial markets, I am most cautious when too many others hold the same belief as myself."

Our Founders

"Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning."

(Robert Kiyosaki)

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Reflexivity is a theory that positive feedback loops between expectations and economic fundamentals can cause price trends that substantially and persistently deviate from equilibrium prices.

At Bytown Capital we strive to analyze all assets from a viewpoint that considers the assets related to its long-term equilibrium. This allows for optimal risk to reward in positioning.