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“Economics ultimately comes down to people, not just markets. At Bytown Capital, we hold ourselves to industry-leading standards, so you can focus on being your best self.”

Bytown Capital is a Canadian based firm that approaches financial market analytics from a macroeconomic perspective. 

We built our strong foundations by applying systematic approaches to the expansive commodity and currency markets. Our often alternative top-down systematic approach allows us to have detail-oriented views from both a macro and micro perspective.

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Macro-Economic Reports

Each week Bytown Capital provides economic reports summarizing current fundamental movers in financial markets as well as the events that could see markets change sentiment in the week ahead.


Research Services

The approach used when our team analyzes markets is unique in its truly top-down approach. Bytown Capital partners with other firms to help fulfill research.


Asset Managment

Bytown Capital offers a plethora of high-alpha funds primarily in forex & commodities markets.

Bytown Capital worked closely with our team as part of our efforts to successfully navigate the 2020 equity market crash. One of the projects they supported us in January 2020, was in the Airline space. This research contributed directly to our positive portfolio returns in the February 2020 equities market crash. -Jason Vangaal 0MC Capital

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